20 Jun


Why WordPress is considered to be the best among other CMS platforms?


WordPressThere are several CMS platforms available for blogging among which WordPress has got huge popularity than Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. It is a great blogging platform and its user-friendly features it has become the first choice of all bloggers. It provides number of plugins which makes the task much easier. It is also considered to be SEO friendly because of the various reasons mentioned below:

Availability of Several SEO Plugins

It is very easy to optimize your blog in terms of search engines which is very important to get a proper ranking in search engine results page. There are several SEO plugins available for WordPress which helps to optimize your blog. If you are not acquainted with on-page SEO then nothing to worry about, these plugins will help you to fulfill the requirement for On-Page SEO smoothly.

Automatic Pinging Facility

Pinging is an important task which you need to do so that your post gets easily indexed and crawl. WordPress provides auto pinging facility so whenever you post something new to your blog all pinging services gets notified and as a result it informs search engines about the new updates and your post gets crawl by the search engine bots. You can manage and customize this service from the settings option of your blog.

Auto Sharing of Content on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are great source of traffic. It is an inexpensive platform to share your content. There is a plugin named JetPack which automatically shares your each post on social networking sites after installation. You can make use of this plugin to share relevant content on the social networking sites to engage your audience by delivering something useful.

Allow Permalink Customization
Wordpress provides you the opportunity to customize your permalinks which is one of the most important steps for optimizing your website. You can make use of relevant keywords in your permalinks. Make sure that the customized URL is user-friendly and delivers right message to the visitors. This useful feature makes it quiet popular as compared to the other CMS platforms.

Availability of Caching Plugins

High bounce rate affects the ranking of several blogs in SERP. Research states that high loading time of your blog is considered to be one of the main reasons behind high bounce rate because visitors hardly have any time to wait, they move to another blog and as a result the traffic rate dramatically gets decreased. WordPress offers several caching plugin which helps to improve the loading time of your blog.

These are some exclusive features of WordPress. If you have any more information regarding WordPress please feel free to share with us.

Ram Kumer VRam Kumarerma is a passionate writer and tech enthusiast. He also involves in WordPress theme implementation. He loves to provide relevant tips on blogging.

16 Jun


Save your WordPress Blog from the Grasp of Hackers


WordPress is considered to be the most popular self hosted CMS platform in the world. This is the reason why WordPress has become the main subject of attack from hackers. This is an automated botnet attack. The main objective behind this attack is to crack the password of any self hosted blogs in-order to take over servers that run on WordPress.


If you are also one of those who are running the self hosted WordPres blogs then nothing to worry about, go through the steps mention below to protect your blog from the grasp of hackers:

Create a separate account: The user friendly nature of WordPress increases the popularity of this inexpensive platform. Stop continuing with the default user account ‘admin’ rather create a separate user account with different user name and disable or remove the previous one. This step should be strictly followed because if you use the default administrative account then the botnet is capable of guessing cracking your password with username admin through brute force. Give the administrative privilege to the newly created account and delete the previous one. Use a strong password of at least eight characters. Make use of both upper and lower case letters along with numbers and special characters. Try to make your password long because longer passwords are more difficult to crack.

Make sure that the WordPress installation is up to date: If any new update is available then whenever you login into your account you will get the option of installation and easily install it with few clicks. Before installing new updates make sure that you have the backup of SQL database along with your website files. These two things are required to restore your blog. You can make use of the plugin WordPress Backup to DropBox. WordPress developer are making constant attempt to save your blog from getting hacked by releasing new updates. The main objective behind this update is to increase the security level.

Remove unnecessary plugins: Keep only those plugins which you need. While installing a plugin check out the various things like when it was last updated, what are the reviews it has got and the plugin support forums. If any plugin has got negative reviews and not has been updated for years then don’t install it rather look for another one which has got the positive feedback and can serve your purpose. If you have installed any plugin before and currently if it has no use then remove it as soon as possible otherwise it will slow down your website and thereby increasing the chances of hacking. Before removing any plugins from your account make sure that it doesn’t affect your blog.

Carefully choose your theme: Depending on your blog choose a professional theme for it and keep it updated. Selecting a theme is a crucial task because the WordPress theme you choose must be related with your own blog and then customizes it so that it looks exactly the way you want. Check the user rating before installing it. Always have a backup while installing theme updates otherwise if any problem arises then it will results in an unattractive blog appearance.

The above mentioned steps will surely help you to protect your blog from the hand of hackers.

29 May


Save your Website from the Grasp of Penguin 2.0


Are your websites gets affected in Google Penguin update of 2.0 on 22nd May?

google penguin update 2

This update reminds me of the first release of Google Penguin update on 24th April 2012. The main objective behind this update is to check web spamming. Google always wants to display the best result to their users. With the help of this update many websites which contain low quality backlinks gets penalized and are also considered as spammy sites.  Research states that due to this update on 22nd May 2.3% of English queries get affected. This update rolls out globally. Check the Analytics carefully if you noticed a dramatically fall in the traffic rate then it is for sure that your site gets affected in Penguin update 2.0. Now it’s time to optimize your website and get back your ranking in SERP. It is necessary to   optimize both on page and off page of your website.

Remove Duplicate Meta tags

Make sure that there is no issue related to duplicate Meta tags. Check your webmaster tool carefully.

Bring Variation in your Anchor Text and Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Don’t use the same anchor text again and again to get links.  Another main reason of Penguin attack is keyword stuffing. Google penalized those websites which have violated the keyword density and destroy the normal flow of the content.

Don’t give stress on exact match keyword rather bring variation by using long-tailed keywords along with broad match and phrase match.

Avoid Paid links

Are you practicing paid links? Then this is one of the main reasons of attack. If you want back your ranking then remove those backlinks as soon as possible. Try to get backlinks from high quality and related sites. Don’t forget to check the Domain Authority before link building. Guest posting is an effective way to get high quality backlinks with the help of relevant contents.

If your site contains low quality links then there is a high chance of getting mail from Google regarding the issues related to your website.

Write for your Visitors

If your page contains duplicate content then remove it as soon as possible. Your content should be free of grammatical errors. While writing content keep in mind that you are writing content for users not for search engines. So try to write something unique, fresh and relevant. Make use of h1, h2 and h3 tags properly.

Maintain Active Social Media Profile

Google is giving special importance to social networking sites so if you’re are not having Google plus page or Facebook page then try to create it immediately. Add Social sharing button on your site. It will help readers to share your content easily on social networking sites. You may even consult with an expert SEO company to save your website from the grasp of Penguin update.

Google loves white hat SEO. It is the natural way of link building which improves the quality of your website. Try to follow the guidelines to save your website and get it out from the grasp of Penguin.

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24 May


Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack


Are you a blogger? Then you are well acquainted with the term CMS which stand for Content Management Systems. It is a web application which provides an inexpensive platform to create, edit or update your content. When we talk about CMS the fist name that comes in our mind is WordPress. It serves to be an excellent blogging platform. It is so easy to use anybody who belongs from non-technical background can easily use it.  It provides several plugins and extensions which is extremely user-friendly. Here I am going to discuss with you regarding a popular plugin ‘All in One SEO Pack’. You need to add this plugin for optimizing it in terms of search engines. Only installing it will not help you out unless you modify it and make it search engine friendly.

all in one seo pack

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a user-friendly blog with WordPress:

First you need to install the plugin. Once it is over, go to settings and and then All in One SEO. Check the plugin status.

Home Title: Next option you will get is the ‘Home Title’. It is the Meta title of your home page. This particular title will be displayed in the search engine result page and also in the browser of a visitor. Search engines bots use this particular title. Don’t over optimize your title with too many keywords rather write a user friendly title to grasp the attention of the viewers. Try to write a title within sixty characters. Title is the first thing that insists the readers to enter into your website. So write an appealing title to get a positive response from your audience.

Home description: It is basically the Meta description your page.  It is written for search engines within 160 characters. Make sure that your description doesn’t cross the limit of 160 characters otherwise an incomplete description will be displayed in SERP. Tactfully add your keywords within your description. Meta description will be displayed below the Meta title in the SERP. Don’t overstuff your description with too many keywords.

Home Keywords: It is the place where you need to add all your keywords which you want to target for your website. Separate all your keywords by commas. Before placing your keywords it is necessary make proper keyword analysis which is the most crucial step you need to take for making your blog search engine friendly. If you want quality traffic then think from the user point of view that what can be the potential keywords for your website.

Canonical URLs: This plugin provides you the opportunity to solve the problem of duplicate pages. With the help of this particular option you can easily redirect a particular URL to your preferred URL. Suppose if your preferred URL is https://www.example.com  then anybody who writes https://example.com gets redirected to your preferred URL. As a result the issue of duplicate content doesn’t arise.

Rewrite Titles: You need to specify the format correctly. You need to rewrite the title of your post otherwise the default template display the title tag of your post like this Blog Category >> Blog Name >> Post Title” which is not at all search engine friendly.

Post Title Format (other titles too): The entire six title formats are equally important in terms of search engine optimization. Each title format provides you the opportunity to customize your title so that it displayed properly in the various section of your website.

In the post writing panel you will get the tab All in One SEO Pack. Here you will get the same option as above like title, description and keywords which you need to fill out for optimizing each of your post.  Along with the above mentioned points there are several other options available to know more, please visit: http://vermainfotech.com



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19 May


Tips to Gain Traffic For Your Blog


bloggingBlogging is considered to be one of the biggest passions of youths. Bloggers are trying hard to attract visitors for their blogs. They are making constant attempt to generate quality traffic by promoting their blogs online. It is a great source of income. Nowadays visitors are smart enough so if your fails to give the right information to your visitors they moves away from your blog which increase your bounce rate in great extent. Bloggers need to keep in mind one thing that only growing traffic will not give you the ultimate success unless and until your conversion rate get improved. If you want to generate converting readers for your blog then follow the steps mentioned below:

Tactfully choose your blog post topic: Try to give something new to your readers. Don’t irritate them by delivering the same information again and again. Write appealing post so that it easily grasps the attention of your viewers and turn them into regular readers.

Don’t ignore social networking sites: Social media serves as a great source of traffic. Social networking sites like Google+, Facebook  Twitter etc provides you can inexpensive platform to share your content and helps to generate targeted traffic. If your content is considered to be relevant then it gets shared by your readers. It increases your blog popularity.

Try to build your online presence: This is very important and crucial part. To build your online presence you can start commenting on other blogs. Try to be the first person to comment. Don’t lose this opportunity because it is an indirect method of generating audience for your own blog. Another effective and popular method is guest posting. Try to post quality content on other blogs which help you to get a link back in return which will point to your site. Don’t avoid forums try to take active participation in discussion which will help you to get backlinks.

Don’t forget to place sharing button at the bottom of each post: Suppose you have post a valuable content which the readers want to share but if you fail to add the share button then you might losing a great chance of getting shared.  It will help the readers to easily share your post.

Optimize your content: Make sure that you are writing contents for your readers not for search engine bots. So don’t over stuff your content with too many keywords. Always measure your keyword density before posting your article. Keyword research plays a vital role in displaying your post in search engine results page/. So make use of it tactfully so that it doesn’t disrupt the normal flow of your content. Long tail keywords are really helpful in terms of search engine optimization. So you may put long tail keywords in your content. You may take help of a professional blog content writer for writing quality content for your blog.

Before hiring a writer makes sure that he or she is aware of the guidelines mentioned above.



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